Coastal Vets is based in Opunake and Kaponga.

Caring for all your animal health needs around the coast:
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Current Focus

Next Focus

  • New welfare regulations are in, see here for more info

  • Ensure your biosecurity is optimal on farm ​

    • please have a boot wash facility available for us and other visitors to your farm (hose/filled bucket, brush, antiseptic)

  • Tail paint 35 days before the start of mating to give yourself good information to plan your mating

    • ​tail painting your late-calvers a different colour allows for easy identification for metrichecking and CIDR work​​

  • Review your results from last seasons pregnancy test - call us to help plan your mating this year to improve your results

  • Book your disbudding - the best age is between 2 and 6 weeks old

    • remember from 1 October 2019 all calves must have local anaesthetic used before disbudding

  • Calf vaccinations should be completed

  • Remember to get these done as young as possible (but within the product recommendations) to get best protection​

  • This may mean you need a 'synchro shot' at about 9 months old to tie in with herd

  • Recurrent mastitis cases should be cultured now - don't carry your Staph cows through to next season

  • Create a facial eczema plan

    • blood test and trough test to ensure your current treatment plan is working​

    • zinc bolus are the most effective protection

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