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Coastal Vets is based in Opunake and Kaponga.

Caring for all your animal health needs around the coast:
experienced in both production and companion animals.


Current Focus

Next Focus

  • New welfare regulations are in, see here for more info

  • Dry cow therapy form needs to be completed 2 weeks prior to picking up your dry cow, click here to open the form

  • Start to plan your dry off

    • Herd test data recorded on dry cow form​

    • Johne's herd test results available

    • Pregnancy test results accurately recorded

    • Culture results for mastitis information on your farm

    • Body condition score results

    • Skinny and younger cows need to be dried off earlier

  • Calf vaccinations should be completed​

    • This may mean you need a 'synchro shot' at about 9 months old to tie in with herd

  • Recurrent mastitis cases should be cultured now - don't carry your Staph cows through to next season

  • Book heifer teatsealing

  • Organise your team for administering Dry Cow, see the best practice administration video here

  • Book your RVM/prescription medications consult for your farm to ensure you can continue to pick up medications prescribed for your farm

Following the Government’s announcement moving the country into COVID-19 alert level 4 we now have changes to how we can operate during the next 4 weeks.

The clinic doors will be shut. All product orders and appointments must be made over the phone. Our phones will be answered by a staff member working from home.

Small Animal Services
▪ The clinic doors will be shut. All appointments must be made over the phone.
▪ We will still see any sick animals.
▪ We are not booking non-urgent appointments until the alert level changes. This includes vaccinations & de-sexing surgery.
▪ You will speak with a vet, if they can diagnose and prescribe medication over the phone they will do so, if not we will ask you to come into the Opunake clinic to be seen.
▪ Only one healthy adult per animal can come into the clinic for an appointment. This person must not have active respiratory symptoms or be undergoing self-isolation for Covid-19 in contact purposes.
▪ If you need medications, products or food for your pet call the clinic number.

Large Animal Services

▪ The Dairy side of Coastal Vets will continue with added precautions and a reduction in routine non-essential services.
▪ We require minimal human contact while a vet is working on your farm and this means maintaining a 2m distance between people and following their instructions in regards to Covid-19.
▪ DCT consults will now all be done over the phone once DCT forms are emailed back.
▪ There are currently no drug supply issues however we are encouraging farmers to complete their DCT form and return to the clinic via email ASAP (coastalvets@xtra.co.nz).
▪ If you need any antibiotics or other products call the clinic number so these can be arranged.

Thank-you for your co-operation in this difficult time and take care of each other.​