Both our clinics are equipped with small animal consult rooms, kennels and surgeries. We also have a digital xray machine, modern anaesthetic machines, trained vet nurses and an ultrasonic dental machine.


We stock a wide range of flea and worm preventatives, collars, beds, pet doors, pheromones and toys, and can often get in other pet supplies that you require. We are also happy to recommend a premium diet and work out the feeding rate specific to your pet to ensure optimal nutrition - please ask us for a recommendation.

Please note that payment of charges are expected on the day of service. You may pay weekly in advance to build up a credit for use in the clinic.


Annual Health Checks and Vaccinations

We recommend an Annual Health Check. At these we will discuss any concerns you may have for your pet, and preventative care recommendations including vaccination, fleaing and worming to ensure the optimal health of your pet. We will also examine your pet and this includes but is not limited to examining ears, eyes, dental health, heart and lungs, lymph nodes, weight, mobility, coat and skin.

Vaccinations should begin at 6 weeks of age, but we will tailor your schedule to your pets needs.



Desexing - Neutering, Spaying and Castrating

Cats and dogs both benefit from being desexed. Male animals are less likely to roam, have prostatic disease and it eliminates the risk of testicular cancer. Female animals have a greatly reduced risk of mammary cancer, and it eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer. Female dogs no longer bleed while on heat after spaying.


If you are planning to breed your animal, we encourage you to discuss pre-mating testing with us to ensure a healthy litter, as well as late pregnancy xrays to determine the number of puppies or kittens and the potential costs of a caeserian section.


Other services we offer include

  • Microchipping

  • Companion Animal Register

  • Dental scale, polish and extractions

  • Fixation of fractures/breaks

  • Xrays/radiography

  • General surgery including lump removals

  • Mobility/arthritis care

  • Weight management consultations

  • Clipping of matts and knotted coats

  • Blood testing

  • Nail clips