We offer many on-farm practical and in-clinic planning and problem solving services. Some of our services are listed below. If you have any enquires please contact us on the above numbers.


Pregnancy Testing - Ultrasound "Scanning"

Pregnancies in cows can be detected reliably from 42 days (6 weeks). We can scan to find mating dates on all animals, or simply to determine who is not-in-calf. Discuss with your vet when to scan to get the information you want.


ReproReady Consults and Reproductive Planning

We tailor these consultations to your aims and problem solve to improve your repro rates. Most of our vets are InCalf trained, so are qualified and experienced to assist you.

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Heifer TeatSealing

We have a team of vets and technicians who are all certified Zoetis TeatSeal administrators. We also offer sedation of heifers on rotary platforms to decrease the risk of heifers jumping forward during the application of TeatSeal.



Calf Disbudding

All our calf disbudding is now done under sedation and local anaesthetic. Ideally this is done before 6 weeks of age. Additional pain relief is available on request. We pride ourselves on offering a premium service and strive to exceed your expectations.




Calf Vaccinations


We can begin vaccinations at disbudding or at another time that suits you, and will tailor your vaccination plan to your calves' requirements. Lepto can begin from 4 weeks old. We also offer combination injectable drench (for calves over 106kg, we offer a single-acting injectable below this weight).


Other services we offer include

  • Mastitis/grade buster consultations

  • Lame cows and sick cows

  • Metrichecking and intrauterine treatment

  • Emergency care including calvings

  • Body Condition Scoring

  • Spore counting

  • Insertion of Zinc bullets

  • Advice on drench usage

  • Blood sampling and testing

  • BVD graph analysis and BVD management